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Example: If I make my 10,000 smart collateral transactions to a new address for a fresh node with the current 8000 node count, it will take up to 14 days for the first reward. Every SmartNode appears in the global list. Security Change your SSH port Think of a number you want to use instead of the default SSH port number (22). Payments vary widely based on the random selection parameters. As an example, if there are 8000 active SmartNodes, the top 800 SmartNodes in the global list are eligible for selection. You can manage your node, while you keep your funds safe in your local wallet, this also applies to Masternode Hosting services. SmartNodes also qualify for SmartRewards. Your hosting provider most likely doesn t support automatically assignation of the external IP or IPv4. No, as soon as the SmartNode reached it s ENABLED status, you basically just have to make sure that you VPS keeps running. The final steps after setting up the VPS are that you move to your desktop computer once again, edit the smartnode. (Last updated: 2018-02-23) Hardening your SmartNode Also make sure you have done a backup/snapshot of your VPS first, so that you are able to recover in case of an error. Therefore it is recommended to proceed with your upgrade asap. Website Widget PLEASE BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS: In order to run a SmartNode you don t have to send your SMART to anybody. It is recommended to only use the command ‘start-missing to start SmartNodes since it will only start nodes that need to be started. SmartRewards are paid on the 25th of each month as long as there has been over 1000 in an address and no transaction sent from that address from the previous 25th. Note: There is a delay for first payment after the initial 10,000 smart collateral transaction.

If it turns to EXPIRED you have to check if there s something wrong with your setup. (Last updated: 2018-02-11) SmartCash Blockchain Download To assist in speeding up the syncing of your SmartNode, you can download a bootstrap of the blockchain here smartcash smart. Yes, there is a bash installer for SmartNodes on Ubuntu. Some payments can be 11 days and some 1 day smartcash smart. Wait until the SmartNode status changes from PRE_ENABLED to ENABLED and you successfully upgraded to v1. Do I have to have the desktop wallet always on when running a SmartNode. It should take about 10 to 20 minutes or less. Finally login to the web front-end of your VPS provider and remove the default SSH port 22 from the list of open ports (list where you added your custom port in step 1). But make sure you set txindex=1 in smartcash. Connect to your VPS with root credentials and add the custom ssh port to your firewall: ufw disable Reboot your server. Their position in this list is determined by the time from the last payment. At 8000 total enabled nodes a payment interval would be about 5 days with a range of 1-11 days. It comes with cronjobs to make sure that your node is always running and up-to-date as well as secure against DDoS attacks. It can be solved by adding the following line to smartcash. conf there and finally start the node from your software wallet (SmartNodes tab). * smartcash-cli smartnode status Open the SmartNodes tab, select the specific SmartNode you just upgraded and click on Start alias.

SmartNode payments in SmartCash wallet version 1. ) Node status error Not capable smartnode: Smartnode not in smartnode list You most likely haven t applied the steps described in Section 9 of the Setup Guide correctly. Sending a smartnode payment from your wallet will disqualify rewards even if you don’t send from the 10,000 SMART collateral transaction.ReddCoin.
. The procedure depends on which service you are using. 0 are determined using a decentralised deterministic queue with probability driven selection. You have to basically login to your VPS web front-end, navigate to network security rules (or similar) and add a Custom TCP Rule which allows inbound connections to this specific port. While the SmartNodes network is migrating from v1. Any transaction that sends from the specific 10,000 SMART collateral transaction will drop the node off from the payment queue. New SmartNodes and SmartNodes that received a payment are placed at the end of the list. This issue has been reported with AWS (Amazon Web Services), among others. (Initial SmartNode release) This upgrade includes fundamental stability improvements such as SmartNode payment stability and core stability fixes. Most of the following changes are already covered by SmartNode Bash Scripts. When did SmartNode reward payments start. .Aeternity.Walton.

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